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Trudność WW 3-5
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Paravani is the hardest classic in the Lesser Caucasus and one of the most interesting rivers in Georgia close to the border with Turkey and Armenia. Paravani river drains huge swamps, the following Paravani Lake stores the water after rains. So you find even enough water in the summer months. Especially in low water below Akhalkalaki the river is very polluted. Also a hydropower plant is in construction at the moment (June 2012). It is not clear which sections will be affected by that.

Spis treści

River sections


The river flows close to the road all the time, one can road scout most of the rapids. The beginning is quite easy, then there is a rapid with an undercut in the middle - one can portage on the right bank of the river.

Afterwards the river gets steeper, boulder gardens and large holes. Most of the rapids can be scouted from kayak. Warning: in 2012 there were some construction works, and some concrete/metal obstacles in the river!

At the end there is the most difficult section, steep and with large holes. It's difficult to setup a safety - on the left bank there is an undercut (?). You can scout from the left (there is last eddy on the left, but you'll notice the rapid very late).

It's worthwhile to do also the lower section down to the confluence in Khertvisi.


The section is definitely easier than the upper one, mainly class 3, but with few more difficult rapids.

Water level

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