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Country Polska
Region Tatry
Class 1-3 (4)
Map Białka


Mouth Dunajec/en

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Białka is a right bank tributary of the Dunajec. Białka has source in Tatry Wysokie - it is a connection of Rybi Potok and Biała Woda.

Białka - overview

Every year, at the end of the June and the beginning of July, AKTK "Bystrze" organizes a training camp called Białka Szkoleniowa.

Spis treści

River sections

Upper (Łysa Polana - Jurgów Szałasy)

The most interesting and most difficult section of the river.A few hundred meters at the beginning has a high gradient,the river has an alpine character, there are huge obstacles in the channel. The hardest cataract is class 3-4.

Afterwards river becomes easier, similar to the next (lower) section, but with a bit bigger gradient. There are some big stoppers.

Warning: due to its location in Tatra National Park, paddling this section is prohibited by law!

Warning: there are often trees in the river!

Standard (Jurgów Szałasy - Czarna Góra bridge)

This is the most popular section of Białka, class 2 (by HW few places class 3). Put in at the Jaworowy Potok/en mouth (so-called bąbel), close to Podokólne clearing, by the road 49.

Watch out for several big stoppers in the second part of the section!

Lower (Czarna Góra bridge - Trybsz bridge)

This section is significantly easier than the upper ones. Close to the Białka Tatrzańska village, there is a big stopper, which may be dangerous with high water (so-called Odwój Białczański).

Trybsz bridge - Nowa Biała bridge

This section is rarely paddled as a separate section (rather with the upper one). There is one more interesting place, called Przełom Białki.

Przełom Białki

Water level

Open full gauge page:

Łysa Polana

There is a water gauge close to the PL-SK border in Łysa Poland (visible form the bridge on the river, on the left bank). It is most proper for the first section of the river.



The gauge is to check at website


The another gauge is in the Trybsz village. It should be more accurate for the lower sections (beginning from Jurgów Szałasy). However, currently we do not know its readings ;)

The level 230 cm (52 m3/s) seems to be a typical flood water (HHW)




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